My Guillain Barré Story

Thank thank you so much for stoping by my blog to learn more about me and Guillain Barré Syndrome.

December 2014 I was a healthy 26 year old woman who at that time was married for few years. I'm currently 2 months into my recovery. It been a long hard journey on not only me but all of my loved ones. I'm so grateful for my husband, family, friends and community who rallied behind me and never let me feel forgotten or like last weeks news.

In early December I came down with my first ever sinus infection... It was horrible and also a ear infection. I went to an imeadate care who prescribed me a z-pack of antibiotics. By day four I was feeling great. The next day, day five. I felt terrible. I had no energy and mixed with a cough that was making me vomit- I felt like I was dying. The next morning- December 11th 2014 I woke up with my left eyelid droopy. Later in the day my hand, feet and mouth all went numb and tingly... Including my teeth. I was talking funny and when I tried walking, it was more like a dance.

Waiting at Imeadate Care- December 11th 2014

Of course there was a huge storm in our area and everything was flooding. I felt guilty but had my husband, Bryan take 
me back to the imeadate care. I have never felt like a bigger hyprocondract than that day. The Doctor said that I was 

probably having an allergic reaction to the privious antibiotic I was taking. To just sleep it off and it was nothing. They were horrible. I'm glad I listened to my body.

The next evening I was admitted into the ER. At that point both of my eyelids were droopy, it was hard to understand what I was saying and I had to have assistance to walk and when I took a drink of something it would go back up my nose. We didn't know then, but my trachea was already paralyzed.

The ER doctor mentioned Guillain Barré Syndrome but that it was rare. They started running what seemed like every test known to man. The next morning the Neurologist came to see me and he was confident that I had Guillain Barré Syndrome but was waiting to confirm it with the results of my spinal tap.

I was coughing so hard and producing a crazy amount of spit. I was terrified to have the spinal tap done because I had to stay completely still. That's when I was introduced to the suction wand. They gave it help with the coughing and mass amount of drool. The spinal tap came back negative for 
elevated proteins which are needed to diagnose Guillain 

Barré Syndrome. My neurologist was stumped.

That night my aunt and husband stayed with me. I woke up to use the bathroom and realized that I couldn't feel my face or move the right side of my body. I started yelling that I needed a basin to puke in because I was so terrified to learn that nobody could understand what I was saying. I stood up to walk to the bathroom and fell on the floor. From there the hospital staff was in a frenzy yelling all kinds of scary things including that I couldn't protect my airway and that then needed to take me to the ICU and have me intubated.

December 14th 2014

My husband and best friend, Whitney later yelled at me for taking this selfie my self and sending it to a few people. Lol- the nurses said I was the first patient that they ever had that was intubated in the ICU and texting.

By 72 hours after my first GBS symptom I was connected to a ventilator and nearly all the way paralyzed. I was started on IVIG. By that time I finally tested positive for GBS. I continued to get worse and worse in the following days. I had to have a tracheotomy and have a G Tube inserted for my feedings. At my worse I was completely paralyzed- my eyes and all. I was unable to open my eyes for 4 weeks and it took a few more weeks for them to focus so I could see clearly.

December 2014

I was at our locally hospital, Enloe for 2 1/2 weeks. They did a nerve conduction test and decided I had the AMSAN variant of Guillain Barré- Acute Motor-Sensory Axonal Neuropathy. With is the most severe variant of GBS. I was transferred to UCSF where they did all of the same tests that Enloe did. The sent me back to Enloe for a week. From there I was sent 2 hours away to a long term care facility called Vibra on January 8th. 

While I was at Vibra I started getting some return. My eyes opened... But wouldn't shut completely for months. I finally weened of the ventilator after relying on it for nearly 2 months. I got to the point where I could move everything from my waist up.

February 2015

A month into GBS. I had no idea that I changed so much. My face was still paralyzed.

On February 22nd I was admitted to Sutter- Roseville Rehab Facility. I was there for 2 months and learned to be more independent. Before I was discharged to go home I was able to use a slide board with help to transfer to different surfaces- both room, bed, couch, wheelchair ect.

April 2015

 I could twitch my legs and was able to take a few steps while I was in a sling.

April 2015

February 23rd 2015

My first week at the rehab. I was so happy to be visiting with my grandma, Aunt Leann and Cousin Kasie but I was unable to smile.

April 21st 2015

My last day at the rehab! Dad and I were so excited to go home. I do have to mention how amazing my dad was. 
I was discharged to finally go home after 131 days in hospital care and my dad was with my for 127 of those days and most of the hospitals I was at were 2 or more hours away from home. He is amazing and I'm so blessed to have him.

After being home and having Physical therapy 2-3 times a week I finally graduated from PT in February 2016- 14 months post GBS. At that time I was able to walk short distances with a walker and walk unassisted for a few steps around the house. 

At the end of July 2016 I was still 90% dependent on my wheelchair. I started a healthier more natural lifestyle and began to thrive. As of December 10th 2016 I'm now only using a wheelchair if I go shopping or on trips. Since the beginning of December I have been able to walk without the help of my sticks. I'm even confidant enough to walk outside and to my truck with out them. But I do keep them close by just Incase.



I'm finally done point that I can do everything on my own now. At the end of November I was officially cleared to drive. It has been amazing to regain my independence by driving. It has also got me walking more and more unassisted.

Right after I was cleared to drive 

Its been a long hard ride but I'm so grateful for the people who have been by my side. I couldn't of asked for a better 
husband, dad, family, friends and community that never skipped a beat. They always did their best to make me feel safe, loved and taken care of.

November 2016

I'm forever grateful for all of the wonderful people I have met because of Guillain Barre. Including all of my fantastic therapists; speech, occupational, physical,recreational and respitory and the amazing nurses, doctors and CNA's. 

Visiting my favorite therapists and nurses at the Sutter Roseville Rehab's Patient Reunion
September 2015

September 2015

My last day of Physical Therapy
February 2016

Life isn't always fair... But I'm alive and thats beautiful.

March 2016

November 2016 at Harry Potter World 

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*Updated on December 12th 2016