Easter 2016

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After spending nearly 5 months in the hospital last year, holidays are a little more special to me. I've always loved Easter. Being around my family even if we're dysfunctional as heck, there is no denying that we love each other. You can't spell dysfunctional without fun! All of the food and the special places we celebrate at.

Here's a few old pictures of Easter throughout the years-
Black Butte Lake 1992ish- Michael, Me, Courtney and Tara

2009-2010ish Tony, Courtney and I a few years ago... Ya grandma hid eggs for us until our mid 20's... Then the great grandkids came along lol.

2011- Me, Courtney, Tony, Grandma, Nick and Tara.

Somehow I forgot to get a group picture of this years group. But of course I got plenty of the tiny children.

I love baking for Easter, even when I was at the rehab, I managed to still bake some cute goodies for Easter.

Easter 2015 baking at the hospital 

Easter 2014

Easter 2014

Easter 2014

Easter 2014

Easter 2014

This year I didn't get creative... But at least they were delicious! 

Every time we get to be at our family ranch is a good time. I'm so luck to have grown up out here.

5 Years

5 Years
60 Months
270 Weeks
1825 Days
43800 Hours
How can it be that a half of a decade has passed since Bryan asked me to be his wife. Since our walk on Stinson Beach where I was aimlessly collecting sand dollars and Bryan was nervously trailing behind.

Since I excitedly shoved that beautiful, but to small ring on my finger... Which led to having it cut off the next day.

How I deserve Bryan I will never know. I'm so blessed to have him in my life for the past 8 years. Throughout the trying times he has always been my biggest encourager and best friend. But also not afraid to laugh at or with me. I'm so glad that he is my partner in life.

Halloween 2014 watching the Giants parade.

We stopped at Stinson Beach on the way home from the parade. Out last trip before I got sick.

Amazing Grace

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Amazing grace, How sweet the sound
That saved a wretch like me.
I once was lost, but now I am found, 
Was blind, but now I see.

My relationship with Guillain Barré is a confusing one. How can I be grateful for something that took my ability away to do EVERYTHING. The thing that drug me through hell. The thing that caused the people who make this life worth living so much grief.

But some how... Some way I am. The song Amazing Grace really speaks to me about my journey. Guillain Barré was my grace or it showed me my grace. I was truly lost in life before I got sick. I was alive but I wasn't living. I didn't appreciate what I had. It wasn't unlike me to be complaining about something. Now looking back, my life was pretty amazing. But like most people, I just didn't appreciate it because I never had to fight for it. 

Guillain Barré took my sight for 5 weeks but since then it has showed me so much. It has shown me what and who matter. It has taught me sometimes it's ok to let go of some people and who is truly worth hanging onto.

It broke me down in so many ways. But it also built me up in ways I never dreamed of. I know the only reason I didn't loose my sanity is because of His grace. How else did I survive not just physicaly but mentally. When I think back on the first month or so in the various hospitals it seems like a nightmare. More people than I can count have told me that they don't know how I handled that and that they never could. I would say the same thing if the shoe was on the other foot because I still don't know how I did it. Not without the grace of God.

How ironic is it that ultimately having this chronic illness saved me.

The Faces of Guillain Barré

Friday, March 25, 2016 1 Comments
May is Guillain Barré Syndrome Awareness Month. I started this blog to follow my GBS journey at the beginning of the year. I figured if I can help any fighter or loved one feel a little less alone, then it's worth sharing my story. I want to show the world what Guillain Barré is and that I am more than my diagnosis.

I'm starting a new series here on the blog called- The Faces of Guillain Barré. I encourage all of you to send me your stories. No matter what your age is or how severe your case is/was. In my opinion it doesn't matter how severe your GBS was, if it affected your daily life and the lives of the people you love, then it's devastating.

I will start posting the stories I receive on May 1st. My goal is to get at least 31 stories so I can post one a day... I have already received 5 :) I will promote the stories on Facebook, here on the blog and Instagram (follow me- thegimpygirlwhocould) using #thefacesofguillainbarre but my spreading of awareness will not end in May. I would love to receive hundreds of responses and share the stories of your journeys throughout the year... Awareness is key!

Your stories can be short and sweet or as long as you want. Please include at least one picture- a pre, during and post GBS would be awesome. Also include where you are from, what year you got GBS, how old you were, if you have a variant, please include what one. If you were on a vent, how long you were in a hospital, ect... Anything that you think is relevant.

Please email your story to and if you are on Instagram let me know your Instagram name so I can tag you into your post.

After I have it established I would also like to feature the people who have stuck by us; family, spouses, friends, ect.

I want to show the world that we are more than Guillain Barré Syndrome. #thefacesofguillainbarre

Sweet Freedom

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After being at Sutter- Roseville Rehab for a few days my physical therapist wanted to get me on a powerchair. Ultimately I was against it. I thought that that would be me giving in to my disease. Saying that Guillain Barré won and I would be using a powerchair as the easy way out. As a crutch. There was nothing easy about two plus months before then. I was in fight mode and I wasn't ready to give up.

My therapists explained that by using a powerchair I would regain some of my independence. After I passed my drivers test I was able to cruise around the rehab, inside and outside (as long as I got permission from nurse and let them know where I would be. Lol) 

Learning how to drive the rehabs chair... No early picture is complete without the lovely pee bag- gross. But like I promised before. This blog will contain the raw not always so pretty truth. And this was my life not too long ago.

The pressure relief feature made it easier for Aunt Kim to shave my legs lol.

I was at Sutter-Roseville for about a month when I saw an add on a Facebook resale page. It was for a powerchair/ scooter. After debating with my dad and husband, Bryan- we decided to get it. I craved for freedom and couldn't wait to be home and cruise around Corning. To be able to go see my grandparents, my sister and her family and my best friend, Whitney who all live in a 1/2 mile radius from me. I missed those random drive byes that I was always able to do pre-GBS. Since having Guillain Barré everything has to be thought out... It doesn't leave a lot of room for spontaneity.

Today marks a year since we bought my chair- according to my Facebook memories :)

Hands down, purchasing that powerchair has been the best thing for my recovery. After being home for nearly a year now (how is that possible) I'm starting to use my chair less and less. But it gave me so much freedom. And saved all of our sanity; Bryan's, dads, Aunt Deedees and so many more of the lovely people who helped me. I didn't have to constantly need help getting pushed everywhere- a wheelchair on carpet is a bitch. I was finally able to go the restroom by myself which was a huge victory.

My fist time cruising :)

It aloud me to freely zoom around the kitchen and almost cook/bake like I used to... All of my kitchen adventures will be in another post. But I'm so thankful for the independence that a simple powerchair gave back to me. My home may not be as grateful lol. There may be a few dings in the walls & appliances and a few loose doors. 

It mostly stays at home because it's a pain to haul around. We did take to go my cousins wedding where I was able to cruise around the dance floor.

It came with us to Fort Bragg CA, camping. It was so nice to be able to go back and forth from our two campsites and to the bathroom at my convenience.

It became a jungle gym for 5+ munchkins at my best friend, Rylees wedding... My picture is lost in the "cloud" somewhere lol.

If your in the early stages of Guillain Barré or any illness that restricts your mobility... I strongly recommend getting a powerchair/ scooter. Even if you only use it for a month or two. You can always resell it. But trust me shove over your pride if it will give your freedom.

Color Dash 5K

Sunday, March 6, 2016 0 Comments

This time last year I was a patient at Sutter Roseville while recovering from Guillain Barré Syndrome. I remember laying in my hospital bed looking at Facebook when all kinds of pictures from the first Corning Color Dash flooded my news feed. 

I've always been a firm believer that you should only run if your being chased... But that day I was jealous of all of those runners. 

Becoming paralyzed out of nowhere from a disease that you never heard of is a hard blow. It certainly put my life in perspective and made me appreciate everything and everyone in my life.

I'm so thankful for friends who take me out to do fun things... One can only watch so much, Netflix lol.

Yesterday I was blessed. I got to participate in the second Corning Color Dash 5K. 

Getting ready for the run!

At the starting line

Lisa our color fairy lol

Turning orange, looking like Oompa Lumpas lol

Kaity and Whitney helping me walk
across the finish line 💕

An amazing feeling!

14 months ago I was completely paralyzed, eyes and all. Progress has been slow and littered with a lot of bad days. No matter what life throws your way, never give up 🐢💕♿️