Back at it Again

Tuesday, October 18, 2016 0 Comments
After a busy summer I'm ready to set aside time me to show my beloved blog some love.

Throughout my recovery I have experienced many plateaus and see my improvements in bursts. In February I graduated from Physical Therapy and today I returned to it. I'm excited to be push again and have the opportunity to excel in my recovery and sharpen up all of my new tricks.

In February I left therapy being able to take 14 steps unassisted at the most. My recovery took off at the end of July. At that time I was 90% in my wheelchair I fell in love with essential oils, found vitamins and supplements that I thrive on. I now only use my wheelchair about 20% of the time. I mostly use my walking sticks and lately I have been able to go short distances without anything... or even while holding something in my hands... last week I walked around with a laundry basket. I may have gotten temporarily stuck on the floor of my garage under the washing machine door... but that is just minor details lol.

I had an amazing weekend in Monterey for my cousins wedding. I got to dance like crazy with the people that I love and walk on the sand up and down a hill. I'm thankful for my recovery- no matter how slow it has been.

Walking back up the sand

"Blame it on my roots, I showed up in boots."

My family- minus the two grooms 💕

The most handsomest grooms I've ever saw!

Doing the Macerana 😂

Tony, Kasie, dad and I 💕💕

The aftermath... so worth it!

No trip to Monterey is complete without going to the aquarium. I was pleased to see this guy! The turtle is the mascot for GBS/CIDP... slow and steady!

A lot of things may be repeated here throughout my blog but this is my personal journal about this crazy journey. It seems crazy that nearly 2 years have past and parts are feeling like a dream. Thank you all for following along and being the greatest encouragement!