Thursday, February 25, 2016 0 Comments

Change... We can't avoid it... Good or bad, it's around us constantly. Since December 12, 2014 everything has changed. I've changed; my face, my body in general, my hair, my out look on life, my wardrobe and so much more. My husband and all of my other constants in life, we are all different.

This is not the life I chose, but I respect it and I'm glad that I'm here to live it. I'm glad that I get to share it with the people I do. 

Since my world started spinning 14 months ago I clung to anything that would give me a since of purpose something that would remain constant... That has been my therapies. I've had about every kind you can have, speech, occupational, recreational and physical therapies.

I've been done with speech, recreational and occupational for months now but today was my last physical therapy session.

It's amazing how far that I have came.

This was one of my first physical therapy sessions.

And this is from today- my last day having PT.

I walked 500 and sum feet 😊

Stair steps

Balancing on one foot

Standing... Booty for days, I know lol. Some things never change.

As always it's bitter sweet. I'm so proud of the progress that I have made but it's always hard to leave behind the therapists and staff that I see on regular basis.

Today I brought in cupcakes and said my good byes. 

Thank you to Eric and Gabe- who wasn't there today. 

On the way home I stopped in at the local gym that's around the corner from my house. I got my membership and will be able to mob my powerchair- the "Hotmess Express" over to work out all by myself... I better order my orange flag for my chair now 😜. I'm excited for more freedom and the next step in my journey.

Thank you to every person who gave up their free time to take me to therapy or to come watch my progress. I love you all and appreciate more than you will ever know!