Wishin and a hoping... For a Slurpee

Friday, February 19, 2016 0 Comments
A year ago today, I got my first real "food" after 69 days of getting nutrients just by a feeding tube. 

P.S. I rocked that hospital gown lol

You can't tell but I was smiling on the inside! Damn face paralysis was messing with my moment.

My favorite things have always been eating, sleeping and talking. With the feeding tube I wasn't hungry but in true fat kid fashion I was craving any food I could get. At my worst with Guillain Barré I was unable to open my mouth, move my tongue or swallow... Which resulted in me being a slobbering mess... Ask anyone- basically every person who came and visited me had a chance to suction out my mouth... Fun times lol.

There was many dedicated hours in speech therapy practicing moving my tongue back and forth with an ice chip. After a few days I was able to be spoon fed water. I was terrified that I was going to choke on a tiny piece of ice I had no idea how I would ever eat solids and how it was so easy for everyday people.

I remember being in the ICU after I learned to communicate and asking for a cherry and Coke slurpee... That was my top request on all of my white board requests behind pain meds lol. 

Remember- someone had to do EVERYTHING for me so there is some random personal stuff on some of the boards but hey that's life.

It took 2 months but my wish came true... And it was kinda gross lol but amazing at the same time. We learned that after not having soda after 2 months it tasted disgusting and the carbonation burnt my mouth... But actually tasting something was amazing.

Thank you babe for driving all over to find a 7-11 and for the endless spoon feeds. I love you mostess 😘