Thursday, April 21, 2016 0 Comments
It's been awhile since I put an update on here.

When I got on Facebook this morning I couldn't help but smile. Facebook's "On this Day" was filled with so many exciting messages from my loved ones & some great memories. Today marks one year of being released from hospital care.

My dad and I waiting to be released. My story would have been a lot different without him. I was in hospital care for 131 days and he was with me for 127... And most of that time I was in a hospital 2hours or more away from home.

I have to believe that everything has happened for a reason. Since starting this journey I have met so many wonderful people and learned to appreciate the little things in life.

It's been a year of settling back into our old lives. Of learning to take life at a slower pace and eventually relearning everything I once knew. 

Sure I haven't regained everything as fast as I envisioned last year but going through this has made me realize there are worse things in life. I'm alive. I'm able to tell the people in my life how much I love them. I'm able to take care of myself. 

I have come to peace with the life I live... 

I love the life I live...

Picture by: Matt Sanchez

I'm able to spread awareness about the thing that shook myself and everyone I love to the core. There is a reason this happened to me and I think that's it.

My nieces and nephews and I. -Picture by Matt Sanchez

I'm 16 months out from being diagnosed with Guillain Barré Syndrome & a year out of being home from the hospital. Last year when I was released from Sutter Roseville Rehab I was able to move everything from my waist up. My hands were week and my face was still mostly paralyzed. My legs just twitched.

My hands are so much stronger. It can be hard at times to push the right keys on my phone and extremely difficult to type on a keyboard but it doesn't hold me up. I no longer have to try with all my might to hold a cup of water. I can easily dress myself and do basically everything when it comes to getting myself ready.

My worst enemy's are still ziplock bags, hair clips and anything small that requires dexterity.

My husband let me drive once. It was too amazing for words.

I graduated from physical therapy two months ago. I can walk around inside of a house unassisted if I can touch the walls if needed. 

I'm pretty good walking with a walker. I'm in Hawaii now, lucky me. The day before we left my walking sticks arrived. I'm so glad I brought them. They have given me even more freedom to walk around the house and to a vehicle. I was even able to walk with them in the sand.

There's worse things in life than being in a wheelchair. If I was in it forever I would be ok. But I am very grateful that with Guillain Barré, typically you get better.

As I've said many times- Guillain Barré has taken many things from me... But it has given me so much more.