Team Gimpy Girl Blanket Drive

Monday, December 12, 2016 0 Comments
Last December 12th on my one year Guillain Barre Anniversary 24 of my loved ones set sail with me to Mexico. We went on a Carnival Cruise and had the time of our life. On our adventure “team gimpy girl” was named. We hashtags everything on social media with it.

Since then, everything I have done in “honor” (I’m not sure if that’s the word I’m looking for cause screw GBS) of me having Guillain Barre Syndrome we use Team Gimpy Girl.

Today marks the 2 year anniversary of me being hospitalized with GBS. I could easily ignore  it instead I celebrate it. I fought. I won. I have my scars… But I’m still here and that’s a blessing. I’m more appreciative than ever before. Last year we went on a cruise to Mexico. It was very symbolic for me to be sailing to Mexico with a tropical drink in my hand on that first anniversary.


I have decided that every year I will acknowledge this day. I would love to go on a trip every year but that’s not realistic since it’s so close to Christmas. I really wanted to go sky diving and get a tattoo… but that was quickly shot down by Bryan and my grandma. Lol

So every other year I will be taking a trip. On the in-between year I will be giving back to the community. When I was at the rehabilitation center I started making fleece tie blankets. It helped my dexterity and get be back into crafting. At the beginning I was going to donate them to the main hospital for premier babies. When I told one of my nurses my intentions, she said that was very nice of me. But why not give them to fellow patients right there at the rehab. That a lot of the patients didn’t get many visitors and a blanket would boost their spirits… I was a patient and I never would have thought of donating to there. 

Making one of my first blankets while a patient. March 2015

About a month ago I had the idea of having a blanket drive in honor of my 2 year GBS anniversary. I unlisted the help of family and friends and had great results. In honor of the Team Gimpy Girl Blanket Drive I will be donating approximately 50 blankets this week. That’s at least 50 smiles. It’s hard to be a patient and live in a hospital anytime. But extra difficult around the holidays. Blankets were my favorite gift and I loved how they brightened up the dull hospital rooms. 


I’m glad to have the opportunity to give back after so many people have gave so much to us the last 2 years. I’m so lucky to be apart of such am amazing community. The elementary school I attended k-7 made blankets and so did one of the local churches. I loved seeing everyone pull together to do something positive for a stranger…

It was so fulfilling going around my old rehab and handing out blankets. My heart is full. As always- I love seeing my old therapists. I only got a picture with Alyssa 😊


But it was great to see anyone and to be able to walk around room to room to visit current patients.

I was also able to meet up with another GBS Survivor. John it was so nice to meet you and Ash! Thank you for helping me with the blanket drive!

I cant wait for our next Team Gimpy Girl adventure. Hopefully it will be to the Philippines!