Cheers to 2017

Saturday, December 31, 2016 0 Comments

2016 was full of challenges, milestones and learning how to get my footing in this crazy life. I'm so thankful for the people in my lives. The ones who have chosen my needs above their own time and time again. This year has also brought clarity. Mostly about what "family" truly is. 


It's been amazing celebrating births, marriages and birthdays with my loved ones. I'm grateful to be another year older and "wiser". 


Tony and Stevie's Wedding October 2016


My amazing cousin, Tony on his wedding day. It was such a blessing to be there for their perfect day 💕


Miss Cailynn's birthday with these amazing ladies


My birthday at the lake with Joe, Nessa and Bryan. I love these people and we miss Joe so much since he moved.


Pictures with my nieces and nephews 


My heart ❤️ 

This year hasn't been a bad one... especially compared to the year before lol. I have learned to walk agin. I'm finally only using a wheelchair while I'm out and about. I've gained my independence back by getting back behind the wheel again. I've also had the honor of meeting and hearing the stories of many others with Guillain Barré Syndrome. I started my blog and have been able to help a few people along the way. It has been great to help others after so many people have given us so much.


Alyses first birthday 🎉💕


Courtney and Derek's Wedding 


These are my people 💕💕- Courtney and Derek's Wedding 


Hawaii with Grandma, Grandpa and Kasie


When Bryan got his tonsils removed 😂 we were a match made in heaven lol


I was lucky enough to make many more memories with these two 💙😊


And I was lucky enough to spend another year with my amazing husband... 9 years together and many more to come 😘

Tonight while many of you are out on the town, I'm spending New Year's Eve with my amazing husband watching Netflix... there is nowhere else I'd rather be. We are healthy and together... That's all that matters. Anything beats our version of NYE in SanFrancisco two years ago- I was on life support unable to move anything or open my eyes... I was unaware that a prisoner was in the bed next to me, hand cuffed to the bed with multiple armed guards 😂😂😂... and Bryan in a closed cafeteria eating Cheezeits and watching the ball dropped. 

I hope you all have a wonderful night and new year. Make memories and take too many pictures 💕 I'm blessed to have you all in my life.