Fish are friends not food

Friday, June 17, 2016 0 Comments
18 months ago I was lying in a hospital bed. Not being able to communicate and talk about the scariest moments. To help me cope and to not totally go insane, I resorted to all things Disney.

I may be a grown adult but I'm not ashamed in admitting that I know just about every Disney song... And that truly saved me. 

When my life went dark and the impossible was happening to me I would sing and repeat Disney sayings. Of course the famous line from Finding Nemo, "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming" was among my arsinal of words that would calm me and give me peace.

Finding Nemo was never my favorite Disney movie, that I blame on high school Spanish class- having to watch it in Spanish over and I over again nearly drove me crazy lol. Surprisingly I found myself repeating a different quote from Nemo- "Fish are friends not food." Yes it's the most random quote but it calmed me during the never ending blood draws, suctioning and other procedures... I'm just grateful I wasn't quoting it in Spanish.

Finding Dory premieres today and I am absolutely overjoyed to see it!  

No matter what quote, phrase or lyric that may have crossed my mind they all helped my from loosing myself.  Thank you Disney for Finding Nemo and preventing "Loosing Justine".