Healthy Choices

Thursday, June 23, 2016 0 Comments
I've been trying to make healthy choices the last few days. Since I'm not very mobile and take medication that is known to cause weight gain it has indeed caught up to me. 

I purchased a new veggie spiralizer and tried it out last night with zucchini to make zoodles- zucchini noodles.

 I had them with this Creamy Sundried Tomatoe Chicken and it was wonderful.

I'm not an breakfast person and usually don't eat until 12-1ish. Today I prepared smoothie packs for the freezer. It took forever; a hour and a half for 6 smoothie bags... Ugh, being fat is so much easier lol. 

I wrote on 6 ziplock bags what I would be putting in them. I figured when it was time to blend them up I could throw in extra fruit I had on hand.

I washed, pealed and chopped up mangos, pears and kiwis. I've decided I'll only buy pre cut mangos from now on. Those suckers are slippery and hard to cut up- with out cutting off a finger. My hands are still always numb and tingly from neuropathy left by my Guillain Barré. But atleast I have smoothies ready to go for a week.

I figured out that it was easiest for me to set the bags in cups to keep them up right.


I fought with my enemy- the seal on ziplock bags and flatten them out and stacked them up so they will easily fit in the freezer.

For dinner I tried out this recipe For Taco stuffed mini peppers

Ground turkey, cheese and salsa in a mini pepper and baked. 

Topped with Greek Yogurt. I'll definitely be making these again.

Having yummy recipes like these make eating right a little easier. I'm grateful to have a second chance in life since my fight with GBS. Now hopefully I can get in a routine with going to the gym.

To other GBS or autoimmune disease fighters; what changes have you made with your diet and lifestyle. I'd love if you could send me your favorite recipes to