You Just Might Make Me Believe

Tuesday, June 14, 2016 0 Comments
I believe that Silver Linings and "Signs" can be found everywhere. Tonight I'm struggling; the pain, the nausea, the never ending fatigue.

I covered myself in Peperment Essential Oil & now I smell like a candy cane so that makes me grin a little. I decided to pull out my adult coloring book and try taking my mind of off my broken body. My choice of course is Harry Potter. I wiggled my way into bed and propped myself up with my many pillows and turned on Pandora on my phone.

My plan was to loose myself in music and coloring but instead after hearing a certain song I felt the need to write & to share these feelings because I never know who I may be helping.

The first song to come on was "Just Might" by Sugarland- it was exactly what I needed to hear. Listing to those words it's pretty similar to my life.

I know that I will be ok. The good days and amazing memories that I get to create more than out weigh the bad days. And on these tough days I'm thankful for good music and things that keep my mind busy... On the really bad days I'm thankful for alcohol... If we're being honest lol.