Plot Twist

Thursday, June 2, 2016 0 Comments
10 years...

Aww me and my Trigger dog! I didn't even know that I had this picture... More than makes up for not finding actual graduation pictures... My gimpy girl reach isn't the best lol and for some random  reason "cough, cough", Gary my step dad breaking his neck the same day-there isnt too many pictures good pictures.

How is it that today marks 10 years since I graduated high school.

This is not the life I invisioned... This is not the life I asked for...

But it's safe to say that the life I'm living is filled with more love than I ever thought was possible.

I finally gave in and had to get a permanent handicap parking thingy. It was a pain to go to the DMV every 6 months for the temporary one. I told the doctor that they could gladly have it back when I can get around better. 

Last week I found out that I was accepted for Social Security Disability which is a weight off of our shoulders... But at the same time it's an unexplainable blow. 10 years ago as I sat in Government class putting together the required 10 year plan.

Being on Social Security at 27 was NOT on that plan... I feel that the universe yelled "Plot Twist" at me nearly 18 months ago. Ever since I've been struggling to find my "footing"- literally  and figuratively.

I have learned to expect the unexpected, because something will always happen. It is what it is but never give up. 

Having so much time on my hands has made me strive even more to spread awareness about the thing that brought me to my knees in the first place. I have to believe in a bigger plan and that there is a reason to this madness. 

I may not have a lot of things accomplished for having graduated 10 years ago- Besides having an amazing husband, home and the best family and friends I could ever ask for... But you could say that I have danced with the devil and won. I have rose from the flames- being locked in my body, completely paralyzed to walking. And that is enough for me... I've learned that people are what matter and not things.

I guess it's normal to have these kinds of feelings when something this big and unfair happens. But I am proud of the person I have become because of this "Plot Twist ". I feel that 95% of the time I have took these struggles with grace. I know that the outcome would have been different without Bryan, my dad, family and friends by my side and I'm forever grateful for them and this life I'm so blessed to call mine.