The Faces of Guillain Barre 2017: Day 22- Mayara

Monday, May 22, 2017 0 Comments

My name is Mayara Paiva, I'm 21 years old and I'm from Brazil. On October 21st, 2016 I had an infection that made me stay for 3 days in a hospital, then, they sent me home. When I got home I started feeling my hands and feet getting a little numb. I went to bed so I could sleep and the other day when I woke up I couldn't move my hands and barely could feel my feet. My legs weren't strong anymore, I couldn't stand up. 

Before GBS

My family took me back to the hospital immediately on October 25th. The doctors had no idea what was going on. 4 neurologists came to discuss my case, then one of them said it could probably be Guillain Barré. 

I was scared. I had no idea what that was. I had to do a couple exams, some of them were really hurtful, but before the diagnostic came my body was almost taken completely. When my face started to get numb they transferred me to Intensive Care Unit, and I started the Immunoglobulin treatment. After that I was in that exact condition for 5 days, then as my body parts were slowly getting ok I felt a lot of pain. I mean A LOT!!! 

My physical therapy started a couple days after that. I wasn't feeling everything but they said they had to make me move. I started taking two medicines Gabapentin and Etna. It took a long time before I got to feel my hands and feet again, they sent me home before that on November 20th, because here in Brazil the hospital can't keep you there to get the full treatment, they say that if you can continue the treatment at home they can't keep you there anymore. 

At home, a week after getting back I got to feel my hands again but it was burning inside. It drove me crazy 24 hours a day, when I got to feel my feet again, same thing... so I went to the doctor to check if that was anything that I could do to stop this, cause I had already tried cold water, ice, fresh hydration lotions, and other stuff. Nothing helped. He asked me to try out a medicine called Milgamma, and it was sent from the lord cause that was the only thing that stopped that burning feeling. My physical therapy got more intense at home from that time till now I have 5 days of it every week. After weeks of using a wheelchair I got to take a few steps with people holding me. Nowadays I can walk way better with help of other and a walking stroller. 

I feel way better now, can't wait to go back to college and to work. I will have to keep taking those medicines for a long time, but hopefully I will be able to go back to my old routine before that. I also feel a little weak but that's normal. I am doing my best to get 100% better soon. God is amazing, and my faith kept me strong inside to go through it all.