The Faces of Guillain Barre 2017: Day 13, Part 2- Dara

Saturday, May 13, 2017 0 Comments

My name is Dara Dannette Silva. I was a senior in high school and 18 years old. I got a flu shot one day and the next I couldn't walk, I slowly lost feeling in my arms and legs, within 3 days of the shot I was fully paralyzed. Within 5 days of the shot I couldn't talk. Then 7 days after that shot I couldn't breathe on my own. I had a really hard time because the nurses and doctors thought it was impossible for me to have GBS so they thought I was faking and treated me badly. Till finally I went to a new hospital and they told me I wasn't faking and I had GBS the gave me IVIG. Slowly my arms and hands came back. Then I could sit up on my own. Slowly I taught myself to walk again. But my nerves are so badly damaged I still use a wheelchair.

I'm 20 now and I hope I still get better and I pray one day I never use that wheelchair again. Because of that year I lost my senior year. But that's ok because I'm graduating this year of 2017. I thank God for this journey it taught me a lot, it taught me to  appreciate life, do things don't just sit around and wait go for stuff go for it.

I died at one point from suffocation because I accidentally knocked off my oxygen. And I lived. I believe we're all here for a reason and thank you to everyone who took the time to read about me and my situation.