The Faces of Guillain Barre 2017: Day 14- Mikko

Sunday, May 14, 2017 0 Comments

I feel like I have actually been watching a movie. A sad, but uplifting movie with my illness. On 12.19.2015 my life definitely changed after what seemed like a stomach flu that had gone on too long led me to the hospital by ambulance. The rest was all a blur. Words like possible MS, Lupus, spinal tap, thyroid nodules, possible paraparesis.   What is paraparesis I said? Paralysis? Oh my god. Reading survival chance 50 percent later on really made my head spin and heart stop. What is that? I have three kids! One is only three years old. Lord please don't say this is happening.

Kessler Rehab Facility, New January- 2016

Then I went to the bathroom and fell. I couldn't feel my legs. The rest was days of tears and pain until I heard you have Guillain-Barre Syndrome my neurologist said to me holding my hand looking like he wanted to cry with me. I'll never forget that look. Aka GBS. What is this? Do I have Zika? Lord what is happening. I swore working in NYC was killing me. Who knows. Ha! Nevertheless.

Kessler Rehab Facility, New January- 2016

The journey went on for six months and ended with me in a nursing home at 43. I counted over 23 medicines which included everything from Gabapentin, to Oxycodone to Vicodin to Lovanox shots in my stomach to five antidepressants and leg gloves daily to prevent blood clots.  So many long days, tears  and isolation. However I learned that nurses, nurses aides and physical therapists are Angels here on earth. Doctors are phenomenal , but the people who help you bathe when you can't bathe yourself, feed you, help you believe you WILL walk again provide you with what you need to go that extra step literally. When they rub your legs and let you cry because of the pain you know THEY understand me. Also a good therapist is key to this journey.

IVIG Treatment- January 2017,

This syndrome strengthened my faith in God, my family and friends I didn't even know would step up and literally carry me. It showed me that some people can't handle illness and they leave. Just like that. I appreciate that as well. Knowing this helps to make the battle a little better, not easier just a little better knowing that others will fill that void without you asking. I have met so many amazing souls through blogs, websites and at my rehab facility that I will never forget and my family and friends who never left my side. For that I am eternally grateful. I am currently still battling CIDP as a residual effect. I am currently doing IVIG every month with steroid treatment.  #survivor