Day 10- The Faces of Guillain Barre: Kendal's Story

Tuesday, May 10, 2016 0 Comments
I was thirteen when I was diagnosed with gbs, I was diagnosed not to long ago maybe about 4 months. I was very lucky compared to other people with gbs. It was extra hard for me because I was just diagnosed with a rare brain disease called Chiari malformation. Where your skull is deformed and causes the tonsils of the brain to go into the spinal canal restricting csf flow. Which has the same exact symptoms as Gillian barre syndrome.

I started showing symptoms a long time ago but didn't say anything at all because I knew my mom would take me out of cheer. I was dropped in a cheer stunt and fell really hard to the ground. And I started to get really bad, after 2 previous hospitalizations locally, I went to Washington, D.C. Where my neurosurgeon is because they thought there was a bad change and I needed emergency surgery. 

Before being struck with Guillain Barré.

Once I got there I proceeded to get bad fast. My heart rate was in the 200 resting and I was in and out of consciousness. I don't remember much after that. My best friend was in the hospital for the same brain surgery they tought I needed then, so she was visiting me the whole time. For many days I couldn't move by myself, I was hallucinating, and didn't remember anything. After they had me heavily sedated and was stable enough to get a mri they said it wasn't the Chiari. But my nerve roots were inflamed. I received ivig for a couple of days and slowly improved. And I was really close to being sent to a rehab place. I was so lucky to not be put on life support and only be in the hospital for a week. I was sad my best friend got to leave before me but she was 2 doors down the whole time and made it so much easier having her there with me. 

I am still struggling. I do not go to school as my heart is still affected bad and it still goes in the 180 I get tired all the time, poor walking, terrible memory and more.  But it doesn't stop me from smiling!! 

After GBS 

What makes me keep pushing everyday is cheer. I was very good at it right before I got sick and my goal is to one day be able to do it again. 😀