Day 7- The Faces of Guillain Barre: Peter's Story

Saturday, May 7, 2016 0 Comments
Peters Miller Fisher Veriant Story

November 2002  contracted a bacterial infection in my gut (Stomach bug ).
Usually this would last a day or two. I had continues flu like symptoms, went to the chemist they gave me something for the flu. The medication had no effect on me. I decided to go to the local GP. He diagnosed me as having a common stomach bug. Prescribed medication. The symptoms persisted with the added tingling feeling in my arms and a numb feeling at the back of my neck.
Still feeling bad we went on a planned vacation to the Cape (SA). Symptoms continued with progressivedeteriorated. Once again I went to the local GP in the Cape. He gave me an injection, vitamin B and prescribed medication. That same night I deteriorated rapidly to a point where I had to be hospitalized. The doctor at casualties diagnosed me as possible having Cerebralpalsy.
So I was admitted for observation and tests. The days that followed I had numerous tests done to make a final diagnosis this involved a MRI scan, blood test and then finally a lumbar puncture that revealed a high level of protein in the Cerebral fluid. I was then transferred to the ICU ward. I was placed on an IV, Oral medication, corticosteroid and medication to regulate the thyroid. I had Dialysis treatment to remove the contaminated plasma from my blood. I was fortunate enough not to be placed on a ventilator. From there transferred to the normal ward. I did not stay there long, my wife requested that I be released in her custody so that we can return to JHB and continue treatment there.
Once back home six weeks later, had blood test done to check thyroid levels. I was also referred to a Neurologistfor an assessment . Attended Occupational therapy sessions for three months.
Currently not on any medication or treatment. Each day having to deal with the residual after effects. Difficult to walk, speech, movement etc.