What is a Spoonie?

Monday, May 23, 2016 0 Comments
Instagram has turned out to be a blessing when it comes to spreading awareness about Guillain Barré. Through hashtags I have come in contact with so many people who lives have been changed. Either by GBS or other chronic illnesses.

I kept coming across #spoonie ... So I googled it and looked it up on Pinterest... Naturally lol.

Spoonie is a term that describes someone with a chronic illness or invisible disease.  

I'm forever grateful for my recovery. It may be slow, but it's progress. 

And these people are always worth the spoons. 

When we were taking these pictures my husband and My bff husband were trying to figure out what my sign ment. The best they could figure was when I had to be spoon fed lol.

I may have more bad days than "normal" people, but I love my life and so thankful to for all of the understanding people in it.

Instagram and those stupid little hashtags have introduced me to a community of amazing people that are living with chronic illness like me. Having a community has been so important and helpful in my recovery.