Who I am

Friday, May 13, 2016 0 Comments
While I was at our families ranch for Easter, I had my cousin, Matthew take a few pictures of me so I could share here on my blog. As I was editing the pictures I realized that I could easily edit out my tracheotomy scar... But why would I do that?

That scar is part of my story just as the ranch in the background is... These things do not define me. But they are pieces of what makes me me.

I have been described as many things in the past year.

When people ask me who I am and what makes me me it always feels like a loaded question. Theses days the only things I know for sure is:

I'm a wife 
Stinson Beach 2012

Im a daughter
My dad, Rich, my second dad, Gary and my mom, Josie.

My dad and I- the day I was released from the hospital.

I'm a sister
My youngest brother-Jesse, sister in law- Tara, Bryan, me, my sister- Brandi and brother- Nick

I'm Auntie Nene to the cutest kids ever... I may be biased
We learned that getting 7 kids to stand still for a picture is not easy. You can tell how happy they were.

I'm a granddaughter 
Grandpa Dick and Grandma Shirley (my dads parents), Bryan, me, Grandma Virgie and Papa Elton (moms parents)

I'm a niece
My Aunt Kim and Deedee who were just two of the many Aunts and Uncles that I have.

I don't have a picture with just my Aunts and Uncles. But this will work. This is most of my side of the family at our wedding. Nearly every person in this picture was by my side while I was in the hospital. They are amazing.

I'm a cousin
A few of my cousins from my moms side of the family- Haley, Theresa, Cory, Brandi, Bryan, me, Mario, Grandma, Papa, Sean and Jacob

Cousins from my dads side- Tony, Nick, Kyle, Tara, me, Kasie, Ashley and Courtney. Just missing, Jimmy. This picture was taken in Nov 2014- two weeks before I got GBS

I'm a best friend 
Chelsey's bachelorette party 2011

Courtney's Bacheloratte Party May 2016

April 2016

And thats all I need to know. These are the people who make me me.