Day 26- The Faces of Guillain Barre: The Story of Riley

Thursday, May 26, 2016 0 Comments

My nephews name is Riley. His parents are Ozzie (my brother) and Cheryl. He's the 5th of now 6 children. He comes from a remote fly-in community in northwestern Ontario. The population at the time was around 2500 people. He was diagnosed in 2012 just a couple days after his 2nd birthday which is December 5th. His parents relocated with his siblings to Winnipeg, MB for the duration of his hospital stay.

After living in a hotel for weeks they rented a house. We (his parents, his siblings, our mom and dad, and my grandma) spent Christmas Eve in The PICU waiting room while his parents were by his side. The kids enjoyed their surprise presents waiting for them under our "little trees" air freshener as a Christmas tree.

By New Year's Eve Riley was moved to a room one step down from PICU and we were all finally able to see him together as a family.

Members of his home community did a donation drive to help support his family financially while they were in Winnipeg.

He's now 5 years old and is finishing kindergarten next month. He's super excited to start grade 1 in the fall.

He's walking and running and jumping on his trampoline. and in May 2015 he became a big brother to Tanner (6th child).