Day 4- The Faces of Guillain Barre: Stacey's Story

Wednesday, May 4, 2016 0 Comments
I think that it's great that you're sharing stories, we all can learn so much from each other's stories.

 I got GBS 12 years ago, I was 32 and very healthy, but that year the media was going crazy, telling everyone that they needed to get a flu shot, and my mom, and other people pushed me into going for it, so I did. About 2 weeks later I was in the ER, loosing the ability to move, and in severe pain. 

My brother is a year older than me and got GBS when he was 5, from streptococcus. He made a full recovery, but I was able to diagnose myself, which saved a lot of time. I was treated with IVIG. I thought I would make a full recovery, but unfortunately I was wrong. I have lots of residuals. 

Right, after I got out of the hospital, I started having stomach problems, they found that my gallbladder was full of gravel, which was odd, because I was only 32, I had no kids, and I only weighed 101 pounds. So, I had my gallbladder out, but after the surgery I felt really off, it turned out that I had, had a small stroke. Then my Esophagus collapsed, I feel like I have a golf ball in my throat. I have had 7 surgeries on it, but nothing has worked. I have Autonomic Dysfunction, so I'm constantly hot and sweating, I also have terrible CFS. And, I got Hypothyrodism and it made me gain 60 pounds, because most doctors will only treat you by their chart of numbers instead of all the awful symptoms!! 

I'm very fortunate that I can walk, drive, and move around. But, I have small fiber nerve damage, that will never heal. I have a lot of pain, and numbness in my feet, and hands. I take a lot of medication that is very addictive. I need to take Adderal in order to get out bed and try to function. I'm labeled 100% disabled. I loved my career, and I miss it so much. I do take Lexapro to help with depression, some days are better than others. I have had more things come up in the past 12 years, that I have been told was from having GBS. There's more I could share, but you need to cut it off at some point, I'm anxious to read about other people's stories!! God bless everyone!!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻😃😃😃

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