Loop Love

Saturday, May 28, 2016 0 Comments
Coming from a small town... And I mean a 15 mile radius with less than 200 people... We have to find our own ways to entertain us. Usually that turns in to driving around and maybe drinking beers and shooting squirrels.

The loop is Corning to Black Butte Lake down Newville Road to Paskenta... Sometimes up the mountain... Depends on how much we need to clear our heads... Then back to Corning, we may even throw in Lowery and McCarty Creek Roads.

8 years ago I moved into "town" which is still a small town in the middle of nowhere off of I-5. Every time I need some peace in my life or to find myself I head back out west and take my beloved loop.

To us Flaskentians (us who grew up in Flournoy/Paskenta, not only lived there) that loop is our sanctuary. It has seen many tears and beers. It's where we tell our deepest secrets.

One of the hardest parts of not driving due to Guillain Barré Syndrome is not being able to take to loop when ever I want to. The last time I took it was in December before Kari moved away... And I ended up puking while the girls were taking selfies while laying in the road...

Nessa, Shell, Me & Kari

As we were driving around someone mentioned how I should write a book
about my experience with Guillain Barré Syndrome... Nessa piped up and said "you should write a book full of everyone's Loop stories... Now that's a book I would read."

So whats your loop story? I'd love to hear it and share it in a blog series... These days I need to live vicariously threw others so entertain me dang it! :) email it to weather it was yesterday or 30+ years ago, let's hear them.